Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is my luggage all scuffed and scratched on the back?

A: Your luggage has a protective polycarbonate film on the back to prevent scratching. This film is applied to the original flat sheets of abs before the back of the luggage is thermo formed. This prevents the back of the luggage from being damaged during assembly, fulfillment and shipping. Use only your finger nails to remove the film by picking and pulling. When you remove the film you will immediately notice that the back of your luggage will go from a flat or matte black to a high gloss black back with a mirror like finish.


Q: How long does production take?

A: Our typical production time takes 10-14 business days? We ship exclusive FedEx ground because of shipping costs. We are located in California so shipping can take anywhere for 3 to 5 days depending on location.

Q: Does my luggage have an insert?

A: Yes our US Patented product has a clear high grade polycarbonate face. We digitally print our inserts on a thin custom plastic to allow for easy removal, inserting and re-inserting. All of our inserts are designed to fit perfectly within the face of the luggage and are digitally die cut to ensure a quality fit.

Q: The lock on my luggage didn't come with a key. Should there be a key?

A: Our Luggage has a fixed TSA combination lock. You will see that there is a keyhole but that is to allow a TSA agent with a universal key to gain access into your luggage if needed. 

Q: How do I set my TSA combination lock?

A: Follow the instruction below. 


The combination is set to open at 0-0-0 - to set your combination:

1. Turn the dials to 0-0-0.
2. Depress the “change button” firmly with a pen (or similar). A *click* will be heard and the button will remain depressed.
3. Turn the dials to your personal combination, choosing an easily remembered number. (eg. Birthday)
4. Push the “release button” inwards and the “change button” will click out to its original position. Your combination is now set.
5. If you wish to change the combination repeat steps 2-4.